Customer Relationship Management is a science. Science of ‘means’, to be precise. With the ultimate objective of sales growth in sight, we deploy this science to identify the potential customers, to reach out to them, win their hearts and then keep them as ours, happily ever after. At CRM Sparrow we in fact take it a step higher - we deal with this science as an art, exactly what a sparrow does to her flight, effortlessly. The journey of over seven years (read over 150 projects relating to several industries across the globe) has taught us how to help businesses, small and big, use CRM to achieve enhanced productivity, improved sales and, perhaps most significantly, greater customer satisfaction.

As an IT Services and consultancy firm, we offer our clients expert assistance in implementing, integrating and customising ZOHO CRM as per their business needs and preferences.

However it is not just the science and the art of the things that has won us so many hearts. It is also about our commitment to ethical business practices. We see that our customers get full value for their money and that their association with CRM Sparrow remains happy, always.


Special skills and expertise acquired through experience enables us to guide you through different stages of ZOHO implementation, customisation or whenever you need trouble shooting. Our consulting services include CRM, Campaigns, Inventory, and many more.


Your business may have some special needs that require additions or alterations in the standard CRM Module. We help you bring about the customisation that best suits your business flows and logics.


ZOHO has flexibility that permits intra ZOHO integration ie. connecting different ZOHO applications, and also integration with several third party applications like payment, sms etc. We ensure that the exercise is seamless and the interface is smooth.


At CRM Sparrow we deploy tools like live chats and video calls to impart effective training in different modules of ZOHO. Also by effecting quick-query-resolution and guidance, we support your team endeavouring to acquire new skills and knowledge.

CRM Sparrow have done a fantastic job! It was a pleasure working with them, and Apurva specifically. As Zoho experts, they implemented close to 15 apps that have taken care of our company's Accounts & Finance, Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Production functions. As a start-up company, our team size was growing each month and our processes were getting more complex. Therefore we needed somebody who would be patient with us, and work collaboratively to bring order to chaos. We were happy to have a partner like them
Apurva has patience to listen to your needs and understand. I have worked with her since 2012 and even though the going was not rosy at first, her learning and openess made it easy for us to continue. She continues to learn new things and hope she will do even better.
I have the chance to work with Apurva to implement Zoho CRM for a leader in wholesale car distribution industry. I highly recommend Apurva for her hard work, professionalism, effectiveness and soft skills.

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