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Exam praxis

Exam Praxis

  • Introduction

Exampraxis is the newly startup education hub center. The business specializes in offering NEET, JEE and Olympaids preparations.

The business was looking for simple CRM solution that will help them to centralize all their contacts (students), and social networking for their business.

  • Business Name

Exam Praxis – Unique Practice for Platform for NEET, JEE & Olympiads

  • Company Profile
  1. Industry – Education
  2. Location – Agarsen Tower, G-36, Sector 2, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302039
  3. Users – 1
  • Selection Criteria
  1. One subscription – one user
  2. Proper Partner Support
  3. Easy to use
  • Problem Statement

They face one major challenge i.e. how to capture leads (students contact). They manage it in excel sheet earlier and also how to promote their advertisement to the students for admisison. How to put it into social media. They heard about Zoho one suit and asks us to help them to setup their system.

  • Finding a Solution

Exampaxis team explores Zoho One suit and likes it for their business and wants us to help them. So we have finding a solution for capturing leads in leads in Zoho CRM and we give them salesiq code by which they can capture leads and for advertisement they can use as campaign in Zoho Campaigns. For social networking they can use Zoho social in that they can publish their posts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

  • Solutions Offered

Implementation of Zoho CRM

Implementation of Zoho SalesIQ

Implementation of Zoho Social

Implementation of Zoho Campaigns

Created a form in Zoho Form for their website

  • How the System Helped
  1. All students data are captured in CRM directly instead of putting it into excel sheets.
  2. Posts can directly put into social media via Zoho Social
  3. Campaigns can be done with the help of Zoho Campaigns
  4. More leads can be get through Zoho SalesIQ and Form which is created in Zoho Forms

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